Track your baby's sleep the next-gen way.

Meet Qalgu Sleep, an app made with love by a mom for all parents! Download Qalgu Sleep now and simplify tracking your baby's sleep!

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Our Rewards

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App Store Best App - Apps Webflow Template
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Qalgu Sleep tracker smartly backs you up.

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Track sleep stats. Anywhere.

All the sleep data you enter is securely synchronized and stored in cloud. If you upgrade or replace your phone all you need to recover is to install Qalgu app and log in back.

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Coming soon - family access.

If you have a nanny or another family member who cares about your baby sleeping - you can give them access. And take it back!

And many more amazing features!

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Inbox - tailored to you

Receive personalized tips, interesting facts and celebrate your baby's milestones in the Inbox tab.

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All babies are welcome!

Have two or more babies to track sleep for? Qalgu Sleep Tracker allows quick switching between them!

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Coming soon - Notifications

Get notified about updates if you give access to another caregiver to enter sleep data. Because why not?

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Powerful Automation

Don't work over and over again, take advantage of all our automation features to make your work easier.

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Multiple Views

View your tasks in List, Board or Timeline view, depending on what’s better for your project.

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100% Customizable

Thanks to our custom fields, you can customize Apps to be perfectly tailored to your needs.

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“We’ve tried every possible product over the years, and Apps is the only tool that has ever stuck. For teams looking for top-notch collaboration, Apps is the right choice.”

John Carter
Product Manger at Webflow
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Our latest news

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Ready to take your sleep tracking to the next level?

Android - coming soon!

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